Online Identification

What is an Online ID?

An online ID is what pops up on your screen after you search your name on Google or any other search engine. Learn how to control this here. It is very important for college students to know about this since your online ID can help you out when you look for a position in your field after graduating.


These are three simple questions that every student should be able to answer on the spot. Agree?

The answers you provide will tell people who you are, what it is you do, and the reason why you do what you do.

Now say I am a business owner and I am searching the web for the best candidate out there in the business administration field. I need someone with the latest skills like a new bachelor and experience is not a big requirement since my professional brand will provide the training you need to perform the duties I assign to you once you are hired. The thing is I don’t know you and you don’t know me so how are we supposed to connect, communicate or collaborate?

This is where a complete and professional profile comes in.

What is a Complete and Professional profile? 

This is a social network profile created by you. This is where you share your work experience, your education history, executive summaries, ongoing projects you may be working on etc…

This way when I search for people like you for my new business position I am able to view your complete profile and maybe contact you for further engagement.



Conversion rate solutions

If you aren’t getting the results you expected you are probably not turning visitors into paying customers, and that is the reason why we are here so make sure you’re getting traffic and the right type of traffic. 

Without these two elements your strategy is useless.

Check your Google Analytics first and see what your site is looking like, go from there.



Your approach on phone interviews.

Being professional is the best way to do this, don’t be goofy or insecure while on the phone with the employer.

Smiling when you talk raises people’s confidence also.

Before you call you need to be in a distraction free mode.

If at the  end of the call the interviewer has not mentioned a personal appointment for an interview then you need to ask about the next step.

How can I stay relevant to my topic?

Pay close attention to other blogs, sites, journalists, competitors.

Get on twitter and see what people in your industry are up to, what are they having trouble with?

Sign up for networks that focus on asking questions, see what people are trying to get answers to.

Google Reader is a good one to use to keep your blogs in order.


One tip for managing your content.

WordPress is the best content management system and is often being improved by it’s developers.

Adding related articles to your posts will make it easier for search engines to find you and also makes it easier for your visitors to find related stories.

Sharing your social networks on your posts is also a must,

Pay attention to your title, categories and making sure to add a few photos also helps a lot.